Model Manufacturer Country of Origin Summary State
10KRM-2C spare kit Unknown Unknown None Unknown
CN-690/GRC-109 Voltage Regulator Unknown Unknown None Probably not working, missing parts
CY-684/GRC spare box Unknown France None Empty
E75 Hagenuk Kiel Unknown HF, rx, 100-4600kHz Working, front glass broken
EKB VEB Funkwerk Dabendorf Germany HF, rx, 1.5 to 22MHz, AM/SSB Working, need alignment.
FRdx500 Sommerkamp Unknown HF, rx, 1.7-29.1MHz in ham bands only Need repairs, very very deaf, and overheat quickly
FSE 38/58 TeKaDe (TKD) Germany VHF, one channel, crystal fixed, 46.2MHz Unknown
Handlocher T.loch.12a Siemens-Halske Unknown Telex puncher Works, needs lube
Hell MG12f Hell Germany Wheatstone-code automatic keyer Unknown
LHP 219 BEL India HF trx, 2-29.999MHz "Working" in RX, TX untested
PJN 5210 AOIP France Calibrator "Defaut"
R-107 Voronezh Elektrosignal Radio Works USSR HF, trx, 20-36-52MHz, mode F3 Light works, untested more.
R 107M Leningrad Kozitsky Works Hungary VHF, trx, 20-52 MHz, FM & CW Powers on, no further test
R109 VEB Funkwerk Dabendorf Unknown HF, trx, 21.5-28.5MHz, F3 mode Untested
R-33 M Unknown Bulgaria VHF, trx, 30-79.9875 MHz Untested
R-392 battery accessory Unknown Unknown None Unknown
R5A VEB Funkwerk Dabendorf Czech HF, rx, 1.5 to 22MHz, AM/SSB Receive OK, light intermittent.
R-871 Unknown Unknown rx, v/uhf, 220-389.9MHz Untested
RF-10 battery Unknown Unknown None Unknown
RF-10 test set Unknown Unknown None Unknown
RU93 SFR (Société française radio-électrique) France HF, rx, 50kHz-50MHz Unknown
SE-6861 battery Unknown Unknown None Missing the cells
SPE 5-A Sagem France Téléimprimeur (telex) Good
SPE 5-A Power supply Sagem France Coffret d'alimentation et de manœuvre 287.00.10 Good
UFT-435 Robotron-Messelektronik 'Otto Schön' Dresden, VEB Unknown VHF, trx, 45.6-47.075MHz, mode F3 Unknown
UFT 721 VEB Funkwerk Köpenick Unknown VHF, trx, 146-174MHz, mode F3 Unknown
UM-2 Voronezh Elektrosignal Radio Works Unknown HF amp, 20-46.1MHz 10W, 46-61MHz 7W Unknown
unknown handheld Unknown Unknown None Unknown